A3RWE - Three-phase fan speed controller with 0-10 VDC signal control

A3RWE is an autotransformer fan speed controller dedicated for three-phase AC motor in ventilation and heating systems. The controller provides a 5-step output voltage regulation due to 0-10V DC input signal. Full opto-insulation between output voltage and control signal is provided by power electronics PCB module.

The state of three sensor inlets (shorted or unshorted) defines actual  device working mode: non-potential contacts state, unregulated 230V AC (max 1A) output state and regulated output for motor cutout (motor thermal overheating protection). Additional  option is an unregulated 230V AC (max 1A) voltage output not relayed with sensors state.

The actual output voltage level (autotransformer tap) and other messages are presented on LED display on  users panel. Power switch-on state  and input sensors state (alarm if unshorted) are sygnalised  by as follows green  and red indicator lapms. Maximum ambient temperature 25°C. Thermal class of insulation B (130°C). Produced with IP21 protectiongrade. Manufactured in compliance with EN 61558-2-13.

Power supply:  3x400V AC 50Hz
Output current: 4A, 5A, 7A, 10A
Control: autamatic control by 0-10V DC or 0-20mA signal

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