Single phase transformers


Three phase transformers

Transformatory trójfazowe, 1-komorowe, rdzeń niskostratny T3M

Encased transformers

Transformatory do elektronarzędzi PFN

Transformers for DIN rail

transformatory bezpieczeństwa separacyjne modułowe zasilacze PSS

Fan speed controllers

Regulatory autotransformatorowe ARW

Lighting transformers and power supplies

zasilacz do oświetlenia LED

Toroidal transformers

Transformatorowe zasilacze oświetleniowe TTH

Transformers for PCB

Transformatory do druku

Power supplies

Zasilacze impulsowe KSR

Regulating autotransformers

Autotransformatory regulacyjne OIEA

Voltage stabilizers

Stabilizatory napięcia IVS


Trójfazowe dławiki sieciowe D3N


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Our Team


The company Breve Tufvassons was founded in 1989. From the beginning it specialized in manufacturing transformers. In the meantime, there have been some organizational and ownership-related changes which resulted in establishing the Polish-Swedish structure based on capital and technology.

Breve Tufvassons has always been highly focused on the modernity of its products, management and production methods. As a result, Breve Tufvassons became the market leader not only on Polish market but also on the foreign ones.

One of Breve’s main advantages are highly educated workforce, stable management and the highest quality of products, which is very beneficial for our Customers.

Tufvassons AB is the majority owner of Breve Tufvassons. Breve Tufvassons became part of Tufvassons AB in 1994 in order to establish a base in central Europe and to get closer to the common market. This gave Tufvassons AB capacity to deliver high volumes of transformers to a wider market.

Tufvassons AB is part of the ADDTECH group. Sales, development and production departments are all based in Sweden. The company is highly active in the Nordic region, Germany, Holland and Belgium and provides Breve Tufvassons with the latest technology, business management, marketing strategies and sales engineering

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Breve Tufvassons Sp. z o.o
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93-347 Łódź, Polska
NIP: 727-012-56-95

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