D3K - Three-phase chokes for reactive power compensation

Three-phase compensation chokes, being a source of inductive reactive power, are used in capacitive reactive power compensation systems occurring e.g during the operation of synchronous machines in extensive cable networks, etc. They are made of magnetic cores with gap spacers, copper windings, fastening elements and terminals. Vacuum impregnation ensures high mechanical and climatic resistance. The chokes have thermal sensors that are automatic (self-returning) to control the switching system in the event of excessive overload and overheating of the windings.

Working voltage: 400V 50/60Hz
Insulation test voltage: 3000V 50Hz
Rated current: 2,9 – 86,95A
Inductance: 255 – 8,4mH
Temperature sensor: 150˚C – 160˚C, 2A, 250V
Connection system: Y






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