D3F - Three-phase filtering reactors 7% / 14%

D3F filter chokes are used in reactive power compensation systems. The battery capacitors and reactors create resonant circuits limiting (filtering) harmonic currents and protecting batteries against overloads. D3F chokes consists of 3UI magnetic cores with slot spacers, copper windings, fastening elements and electrical clamps. Vacuum impregnation provides high mechanical strenght and climatic resistance. Chokes have automatic thermal sensors (self-restoring) to control the switch-off system in case of excessive overloading and overheating of the windings.

Compliance with: PN-EN 61558-2-20
Rated voltage: 400V 50Hz
Overload capacity (thermal): 1,1 In
Magnetic linearity kLIN=ILIN/IN: 1,15
Insulation test voltage: 3000V 50Hz
Ambient temperature: ta40°C
Temperature sensor: 150°C
Thermal insulation class: F (155°C)
Protection degree: IP00
Current terminals: screw or cable terminals with “x” or “y” position according to the table or order.






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