D1N - Single-phase line chokes

D1N line chokes are designed to work in single-phase, converting power supply circuits in numerous industrial applications. Often used for reducing the value of short-circuit or inrush current. They also operate as smoothingand filtering harmonics distortions chokes. D1N inductors consist of EI iron cores with air gap, a copper windingon a uniform bobbin, metal footing and electric terminals. Core welding and impregnation provides highmechanical resistance and anti pollution barrier.

In compliance with: PN-EN 61558-2-20
Rated voltage: up to 750 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Current: 4 do 150 A
Inductance: 7,32 do 0,195 mH
Voltage drop: 4% (for In, 230V, 50Hz)
Insulation test voltage: 3000 V ; 50Hz
Ambient temperature: 40°C
Thermal insulation class: F (155°C)
Protection degree:IP00

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