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AREX, AREX/I and AREX/A - Electronic regulators with 0-10VDC, 0-20mA or MODBUS protocol (RegiSoft program)

AREX regulator is microcontroller based, thyristor  stepless speed regulator for fans with AC motor. The control is done automatically with 0-10VDC signal (AREX), 0-20mA signal (AREX/I) or MODBUS protocol (AREX/A, possibility of controlling up to 247 regulators by dedicated software – SCADA or BMS).

AREX regulators have KickStart function implemented which consist on driving maximum voltage to the output for first 10 seconds of device running . It allows for certain start of motor from off-state. By applying internal DC power supply for control unit and set of optoisolators, galvanic isolation at level of 4kV is achieved, what significantly improves safety.

Power supply: 230V AC 50Hz
Output current: 5A, 7A, 10A
Control: controlled by 0-10VDC signal, 0-20mA signal or MODBUS protocol
Range of output voltage: 105-230V (±5%)

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